Desktop Support

Whether you’re after desktop support for 1 computer or 300, here at SolutionOne we understand the impact and cost downtime can have on your business. Our Engineers are highly skilled and capable of resolving the most complex workstations issues, down to the smallest of issues that cause day to day frustration.

Being able to have a conversation with a skilled Engineer and relate your problems can sometimes be half the battle. Investing heavily on client communication is something we take great pride in, whilst also maintaining our knowledge of common Office applications, Accounting applications, and a wide range 3rd party products.

Staying on the front foot of technology keeps our Engineers ticking!

Server and Network Support

With a server being the centre point in many networks, it’s imperative that safeguards and monitoring systems are put in place to ensure the highest possible level of uptime. Having dedicated SolutionOne Monitoring Engineers also allows you to sleep easy at night, knowing that your systems are monitored, maintained and backed up.

While the server might be the core of your network, firewalls, switches and routers are the voice. Right from the ground up, getting our hand dirty cleaning up your network cabinet is something our Network Engineers live for. Setting up a single NBN router or configuring complex network infrastructure for sites such as the West Gate Bridge, here at SolutionOne we have your network covered.


Got a café and would like some guest wireless? Maybe a point-to-point link between 2 buildings? Or simply need your existing wireless network upgraded. Give us a call to arrange an onsite wireless site survey.

Remote Access

Feel like working from home today? Remotely accessing your workspace has never been a more popular requirement. This can range from simply having email access on your mobile device, to remotely accessing your desktop and company files from a laptop while on the road. SolutionOne can provide the correct technology that best suits the business requirements for you and your staff, while installing the required systems to keep your network safe and secure. Utilising Terminal Services, Remote Apps and Exchange hosted email are just some technologies that can help you stay connected with the resources you need to achieve your goals.


Want backup that "just works"? Backups are vastly underestimated and incorrectly configured, leaving many businesses vulnerable in the event of a system failure. Is it possible to imagine the loss of productivity if your system was down for a day? How about a week, or having to start from scratch? SolutionOne can manage and monitor system backups for your peace of mind. Fireproof, offsite, high availability failover, tailoring a backup system that suit your business is our business.

Antivirus, Antispam and Firewall

With the ever changing climate of systems security, Viruses are evolving into spontaneous attacks that hold your files at ransom causing massive disruption to your business. Ransomware is the number one attack effecting organisations today. Our security certified Engineers are on the forefront of technology that intercepts, quarantines and reverts your files back to their safe states.

Backed up by our Antispam and Firewall solutions, external threats can be identified and stopped before an issue occurs.