Data Centre Hosting

Utilising the enterprise infrastructure at our M1 data centre will provide state of the art security, connectivity and protection against data and hardware loss. With around the clock hardware and software monitoring, physical and digital security, and failover network infrastructure, your intellectual property is always accessible and secure.

M1 is NEXTDC’s flagship Australian data centre facility located less than 3km from Melbourne’s CBD. The Melbourne facility is the largest independent colocation data centre in the city, the largest privately funded installation in Australia, making it the first data centre in Asia Pacific to use solar power as a supplementary energy source.

M1 has achieved the Uptime Institute’s industry-benchmark Tier III certification for design – an endorsement that the facility will support extremely high levels of service availability. M1 has a minimum of N+1 redundancy on all critical systems to provide 100% availability on services – a guarantee virtually unrivalled in the Australian data centre industry.